Children's Karate Program

Whether it's a preschooler starting the first activity or a child who needs help developing self-confidence, our martial arts lessons are great tools to add to your parenting toolbox.

Studies suggest developing strong communication and socialization skills promote self esteem. Our programs enhance a true sense of accomplishment and establish a deeper sense of self-worth.

We use a fun, supportive, age-specific, and relevant curriculum to provide a great foundation for:

  • Active listening

  • Making good choices

  • Developing a conscience

  • Public speaking

  • Independence

  • Anger management

  • Concentration, and

  • Self-defense

Our programs develop good manners, a positive attitude, and behaviors that encourage leadership.

For more information and scheduling, contact us today at 570.454.1234 or click here.

Minelys is a fantastic student. She is attentive, smart, helpful, and kind. [She] is one of the best students in my class. Minelys exceeds the expectations of this program.
— Ms. L., Teacher @ Maple Manor
“Our family has watched [Jakob] grow from an easily distrated little boy to a thoughtful young man. He practices the lessons he is taught that cover not only his physical actions in class, but also how he regards and interacts with other children and adults. In several instances I have been proud to witness my child step in and be kind to a child when other children are not. Jakob will also take the time to help children or adults whenever he sees someone struggling.”
— Sue, Proud Parent